Thursday, January 15, 2009


The nastiest thing happened to me last week. OMG! I am sure you won’t believe it, hell it took me back a second or two when it happen.

Last week I was in my cubicle minding my own business and listening to my MP3 players, when I smelled one of my co-workers stepped into my cubicle. I usually don’t turn around when I smell nicotine and diet coke because he wreaks of those smells all day everyday, like McDonald in the black communities 365 days a year. Hell I though he was just walking by my cube to get to his.

Anyway, he taps me on the shoulder to talk to me about a project. The entire time I am talking to him, I am staring at the large drop of snot dripping from his left nostril. I turn away because I didn’t want him to see my face, when I turned back around to answer his question. This nasty fool was in the process of wiping the snot ball with his right hand and licking the snot of his fingers like it was chocolate frosting from a cupcake. I immediately GAGGED and asked him to excuse himself. I was absolutely in shock that a 40 year old man would lick his snot like he was a 6 year old on the playground, especially when I have a box of tissue on my desk. OMG!!!!!!

Since that day I have not been able to look at him or talk to him within close proximity.
FOLKS ARE JUST NASTY. EWWW! I am still gagging at the thought of it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey!!!!!!!!! Iam BaCk

I know it’s been a long time since my last post. Things have changed since I started my blogspot. I first started my blogspot as an outlet to get me through a major life transition. At the time, I was living in a new city with no friends or family and in the process of closing a chapter in my love life.

During my hiatus so much became clearer to me, which I must credit my clarity to my relationship with the love in my life. I realized the things I used to stress about shouldn’t have even held that much weight in my life. I have come to two major determinations over the past year:

1. Every single thing that happens happens for a reason and in its own time. So many times we go on these long searches trying to find understanding that we are not supposed to understand at that time or we try to figure out why “good” things are happening all around you except for you.
A few months ago I experienced people changing around me. The people either stopped talking to me or I am getting closer to them. I sat up in my apartment for 2 whole days trying to figure out why those who stop talking to me stopped. I beat my brains out trying to figure out what I did wrong or what I could have done differently to change the outcome of the relationship, when in actuality there was NOTHING that could have been done differently to change the outcome. I spent so much time trying to figure it out; I didn’t take time to focus on the blessing in it all.
Sometimes God remove people, places, and/or things out of your life to make room for the persons he is trying to bless you with. At the time when it was happening I couldn’t see it or understand it, it wasn’t until I starting getting closer to people and other things started to happen that I realized I had to get rid of the old to receive the new.

2. I REFUSE to allow anything or anyone to be the root of my unhappiness. If I am going to be unhappy it will be because I want to be. To many times I allowed people around me to alter my mood and effect my emotions. Yes I still do get upset about some things, however, I vent and let go. I don’t have time holding grudges or long-term anger, because in the process to reach this place I realized that forgiveness is not a gift for other people, it’s a gift for me. Forgiveness gives you place of peace that no one can alter.

I am so excited about my new attitude and my new experiences to share with you all. I feel so much happier in every aspect of life and I look forward to what 2009 has to bring for me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stop Making a Fool of Me!

My nerves were shot to hell on Monday as I watched the Hills. This season Audrina has really irritated me. Her usual ding dong personality that makes me want to kick her in the chest is not the cause of my irritation; rather it’s her willingness to be clowned by Justin Bobby. The irritation just resurfaced my exasperation from conversations I have been having with friends and family. It left me with a question of why women allow ourselves to be placed situations that places more emotional debt that we should have in our lives.

Audrina has been in a sporadic relationship with Justin Bobby for about two years. During that time Justin Bobby has taken her places and left her there without saying good-bye and blatantly disrespected her and her friends. The brink for me was this past episode, when he and Audrina went out to a night club together and he walked away from her to hook up with another female across the room in front of her and her friends. After he laughed in her face while she confronted the girl, he runs after her and basically tells her she can’t and won't stop talking to him and if she doesn’t get in the car with him right now then he is leaving. My statement to the dusty busted Justin Bobby would be, “will kick yoself in the knee and get to walking.”

This is the prime example of how women set themselves up for emotional debt. The signs are there all along, yet we choose to ignore their unwillingness to be in a relationship with us. We need to learn to listen to a man’s actions and not his words. His actions can be giving the message that he doesn’t want any thing from you, but to play a game, while his words are telling you that he wants to cherish you forever. If his actions do not coincide with his words, the fool is looking for a good game of Life to play with you. Please take off running and don’t look back.

Now don’t be shame if you don’t know the clear signs of the game of Life, some of these men are slick and definitely don’t be shame if you fell for it, just take it for what it was: A life learning lesson and vow to never do it again. Some clear examples of the game of Life:
1. If he never takes you out or comes to visit you during daylight hours, he is not seriously interested in you.
2. If he is not interested in what your close friends and family think about him, that fool doesn’t care about you.
3. If he doesn’t want you to have close girlfriends it’s because he’s scared one of your friends will reveal his game.
4. If he constantly changes the subjects or say the infamous “Things are good the way they are,” when you talk to him about taking your relationship to the next level.
5. If he constantly leaves you to go hang out with his boys, he is not interested in you.
6. When he is in front of his boys he plays it like you two are just good friends.
These are just of few of he signs, but know that there are many more out there that women overlook when getting to know a man or forcing herself in a situation that shouldn’t be.

Anything that absolutely perturbs me: women should stop trying to fool themselves into believing they could be friends with men after they have dogged them out. If he was your friend he wouldn’t have put you through all of the pain. He would have been up front about his feeling and intentions instead of taking you on a roller coaster ride to Tears and Tissue land. Friends don’t use and abuse one another. If he was a girlfriend and she stole your shoes, money, and slept with your man you wouldn't be friends with her, so why believe you can be friends with a man the stole your heart and played with your emotions.

Honestly I am tired of talking about this. I hope all women wake up and understand their worth. As stated in a Young Adult gathering at church “God didn’t settle for just anything when he made the earth, he didn't settle for just anything when he made you, so why settle for just anything in Love and Life.” When you appreciate yourself and your worth, you can’t and won’t settle for just anyone who doesn’t appreciate your full value.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Slit my Wrist.... Please!

This past two weeks I have been entertaining friends and family. Yes for two entire weeks, stab me in the eye right. Yes, at some point I wanted to jump out the window and do a swan dive onto the pavement to see if anything in the world could be as painful as pleasing family. Me being the deep person I am, I believe everything has its purpose and these two weeks taught me I am truly happy living alone. Earlier this year I was contemplating getting a roommate, but after these two weeks its evident that I can’t handle it. I thoroughly enjoy my alone time.

Anyway, the first week I had some close friends over for a week. It’s very hard for me to admit I had a better time with them than I had with my family. Everyone was so independent, they went with the flow of the day, and just chilled and relaxed themselves. The way a vacation should be. On the other hand, that family of mine had an agenda which started at 7:00 a.m. and the day ended at 9:00 p.m. and would get quite upset if we deviated from the schedule. Question: who in the hell wakes up at 7:00 in the a.m. on vacation and secondly, who in hell has an agenda. Just relax DANG!

The great thing about the Fam coming to visit was that I got a chance to experience things in my city that I don’t get a chance to do on the regular; museums, zoo, water parks, etc. But Gosh darn I was glad to see the go….. Very happy to have them, yet extremely happy to see them go.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I Got Served

I got served by Southern_Lady However I don't know anyone else to tag that she hasn't tagged already, so this is it.
Here are the rules:
A)Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves.
B)Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game.
C)You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog.
D)You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they I have been tagged and to read your blog.

My seven random facts:
1. I used to love dressing like a boy and playing football with the neighborhood dudes. I hated dresses and bowrettes, ugh so girlly.
2. I was obsessed with Lil Zane and Dru Hill as a teenager.
3.I have a shopping problem, I would rather buy clothes and accessories than buy food. Who needs to eat when you have a cute outfit.
4. My brothers nicknamed me chicken lip, because I used to suck my thumb and pick my lip.
5.I like to people watch, it's funny what people do when they think no one is looking.
6. One of my greatest pleasures is to take myself out on a date to the movies and dinner.
7.I also like singing in the top of the broom or hair brush while performing a dance routine, in my apartment by myself. Fun times with DeepRooted!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hot Mess!

Check the post on YB&F about Schatar "Hottie" form Flava of Love. This chick has got to be crazy as hell. YB&F had links to Hottie's recent interview with Vh1 and Essence, from the answers she gave on the interview the chick had got to be on some drug or delusional. Ya girl is wack from her wacked out weave to that wacked out personality. Oh yeah there is also a link to her personal website which further proves her desperation for some type of attention. Some call Dr. Phil for this chick!

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just a Few???

Quick question: Why do white people use both scientific and a common name of things when they are talking. For instance, I was talking to a summer intern for lunch about flowers, gardens, and pets. Ya Girl said she has Red Roses, Rosa Safrona, planted in the yard and she has a Boston terrier. Why she couldn't just say red roses and a terrier, I could care less what the proper name is? Maybe I should start talking like that: I am going to get some water, you know high quality H2O or I am going to my Chevy HHR to get my lunch.

It totally annoys me when all of the ladies at work are at sitting around the table talking about hair and they want to include me in the conversation. Why? because I then have to take time out to teach all of the none African American women the science of African American hair. They just don't grasp the concept that we only wash out hair once a week and light moisturizers are our friends!

I think it's funny that I am the only black person in the office and my co-worker from South African, who is not black, thinks we have a special connection.

A friend called me from a restaurant last night to tell me about the hundreds of flies that were flying around the restaurant. That instantly brought me back to last August when my brother and I went to a McDonalds, which is now the largest fly habitat in the south, and the fool started singing really loud "Holy Moly Donut Shop." Should I still be laughing at that today like it happen yesterday?